Saturday, December 12, 2009

Some E-books Undeliverable

To my dear subscribers and anyone who ordered the E-book, The Fundamental Value of Place Value:

Some of you have spamblockers. When I send your e-book, I get an automatic email reply asking me to apply to become an approved sender to the e-mail address you provided. Sometimes the approval request goes through fine; sometimes it returns an error message.

I do not have an email autoresponder. I handle all e-book orders manually. I usually respond to your order within a day or so. As of the time stamp of this post, I have responded to all current orders. If you have ordered an e-book and have not received it yet, it may be because your spamblocker has rejected my sender approval request or returned an error message. Please provide a different email address or contact your email provider.

Thank you.

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