Saturday, January 2, 2010

E-book, The Fundamental Value of Place Value, Available for Sale

The two-month free introductory period has expired. The E-book, The Fundamental Value of Place Value, is now offered for sale at the nominal price of $4.95. You can use the PayPal button on the sidebar to place your order.

I do everything manually. I do not have an auto responder. I usually check and fill orders once a day unless I am away from my computer for some reason. In the future, I hope to get an auto-responder like the big boys have.

Chapter 1: The Chocolate Factory is a trading activity which allows students to regroup numbers in a natural context and understand the convenience of place value. The activity naturally extends into bases other than base ten. Even young children can become adept at addition and subtraction in any base. Working in several bases clarifies the connection between place value and algebraic expression.

Chapter 2: Base Ten for Young Students presents a variety of techniques for helping children to internalize base ten. The chapter includes recommendations of resources and materials, as wells as principles for evaluating materials and knowing which materials to avoid.

Chapter 3: The Bake Sale is an activity that demonstrates division as repeated subtraction and formats a division problem in terms of place value.

Chapter 4: Geometry of Place Value revisits the quadratic equations of Chapter 1 and demonstrates how a typical quadratic equation can be seen as the area of a square or rectangle. One factor serves as the length, while the other serves as the width. The chapter also explores how cubes represent place value designations.

Chapter 5: Applications of Place Value presents several common instances of place value in everyday life, along with an interesting way to exploit place value to make computations easier.

If you would like to purchase The Fundamental Value of Place Value, please click on the PayPal button in the sidebar. For those of you who have been patiently waiting, the special report on calculator research with young students is nearly ready. Stay tuned for imminent release date.

Thank you for your support.

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